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Canal Boats and Barges

Canal Boats carry 24 passengers

More spacious than Canal Barges, Canal Boats cruise the same canals, stop in the same ports-of-call, and provide a luxurious vacation experience for about half the cost of a canal barge

These video's give you an idea of the Canal Boat experience.

(PS - The Provence Cruise is a favorite!)




Douro, Portugal


Upper Loire

Canal Barges are more intimate, offering luxury for 6 -18

They cruise in England, Scotland, France, Portugal, and Belgium

Many offer specialty itineraries for golf, gastronomy, and wines

They are ideal for a family charters

There is a great variety of design and character in canal barges. Many began life as a freight barges, or even luxury yachts that were refitted to become luxurious floating hotels. Most are owner-operated.

Canal Barge Canal Barge
Canal Barges Canal Barges