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Traveling Alans Way is a Florida Seller of Travel Reg No.ST38740  and owned by Alan Clark, veteran traveler, bon vivant, and golfer.

Why Back Tees Tours Became Traveling Alans Way

After traveling professionally for most of my career I took a break, but that didn't last long, so in 2012 I started Back Tees Wine Tours.

After 30+ trips to France I'd become something of a Franco-phile.  Mostly from developing some great friendships with winemakers in Pomerol, and getting to know Provence. Early on I discovered France was a great golf destination. Golf is a wonderfully social game, and Back Tees Wine Tours trips introduced clients to the France the French hold so dear.

Clients began asking me about helping them realize some of their other travel dreams. So I began to  plan trips on their "bucket list" for wildlife, gastronomy, as well as golf.

Now in addition to responding to client requests, I am creating unique trips, like Portugal 2017. Renaming the business Traveling Alans Way was a way to say that there's more here than golf and wine adventures.

The first trip  I'm sponsoring is Portugal 2017. Of all the great destinations in the world why Portugal?  I'd heard Portugal was the #1 destination for vacationing Europeans, and saw that many of the Douro River cruises sold out way in advance. Curious, my wife and I went last summer, discovering a country full of surprises with an infectious culture. We have been going to Europe for over 30 years, and Portugal reminded us of how much fun Europe used to be.

When I was able to charter Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee yacht, the Spirit of Chartwell for the Douro Valley cruise the trip was perfect. (Visit her)

I hope you will click over to the Portugal 2017 trip and give some thought to joining 23 others for a great trip where you'll be delighted and surprised by this European secret 

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Alan Clark