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Traveling Alans Way is a Florida Seller of Travel Reg No.ST38740  and owned by Alan Clark, veteran traveler, bon vivant, and golfer.

I've had the travel bug all my life, traveling for most of my professional career, eventually becoming a global product manager for a Fortune 100 firm. But life in the Fortune 100 world is for the young, and given the opportunity to do something else it was a simple decision to share my love of travel and great places in the world with others.

Very few people know that France is a great golf destination, so I started Back Tees Wine Tours to introduce people to the France that the French hold so dear.  It wasn't long before clients began asking me to help them plan trips for things besides golf. So far their trips have included Africa, Australia/New Zealand, SE Asia, India, the Scandinavian Countries and Italy. So to better reflect what I was doing for client the company was renamed to Traveling Alans Way.

In addition to custom travel planning I am now personally guiding tours to places I've been. I believe I can provide a more inclusive experience than what is available from other tour operators. 

The first trip I'm sponsoring is Portugal 2017.  Why Portugal? There are so many reasons to discover this surprising country. It has a historic heritage that is exceptionally well preserved with chapels and cathedrals sparkling with gold and silver from its time as a great colonial power, and there are just too many castles to count! Travel+Leisure readers recommended it as the #1 destination in 2016. I've been to Portugal several times arranging this trip, each time discovering a country full of surprises with an infectious culture. You'll love it too.

I hope you will click over to the Portugal 2017 and be sufficiently enticed to join the other 22 of us that are going to have a great trip.

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