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About Traveling Alans Way
Traveling Alans Way is a Florida Seller of Travel Reg No.ST38740  and owned by Alan Clark, veteran traveler, bon vivant, and golfer.

I've had the travel bug all my life, traveling for most of my professional career, eventually becoming a global product manager for a Fortune 100 firm. When given the opportunity to do something else it was a simple decision to share my love of travel and great places in the world with others.

It started in 2012 with Back Tees Wine Tours specializing in golf and wine packages to France. It wasn't long before clients began asking me to help them plan trips for things besides golf. So far their trips have included Africa, Australia/New Zealand, SE Asia, India, the Scandinavian Countries and Italy. So to better reflect what I was doing for client the company was renamed to Traveling Alans Way.

Traveling Alans Way is about always being pleasantly surprised on your trip. I focus on knowing the best tour operators and cruise lines that will deliver service and destination experiences that are better than are available from the big companies. If you aren't expecting exceptional experiences on your trip, then you shouldn't read any further. The list of things I don't do as a travel agent is far longer than what I do. But I guarantee you'll always be pleased and surprised with any custom trip, trip package, or cruise you select.

I'm very enthusiastic about Portugal. I've spent 2 years developing relationships there. See the Discover Portugal page for some exciting trips to this surprising country. There are only a couple of years left before growing popularity becomes rampant mediocrity so I hope you go there soon.

Are you among the people that would love to take a barge trip through France? Take a look at Canal Boats Not Barges to see how new canal boats make it possible to enjoy this great cruise experience at a river cruise price!

Luxury Adventure Cruising offers you the opportunity to go places the big ships can't and experience unprecedented luxury. If you're looking to see some of the world's most exotic places - in luxury - this is for you.

Ponant invented Luxury Adventure Cruising 25 years ago and now offers 225 cruises worldwide, which is by far the most extensive portfolio of luxury adventure cruises. From polar adventures to the south seas Ponant's ability to provide the richest possible experience on every cruise has made them the "gold standard" in small ship luxury adventure cruising.

In 2018 SCENIC's Discovery Yacht the Eclipse sails. A completely "state-of-the-art" ship, equipped with advanced navigation equipment to take you places no other ship can go.  Plus incredible ways to see destinations, like submarines, underwater scooters, zodiac boats and 4x4's. It is designed from the keel up for the luxury adventure traveler. The Eclipse is completely revolutionary and is truly the world's first Discovery Yacht.

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Alan Clark